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C-Gate IoT Platform

HAIGER – With the C-Gate IoT platform, users can access information from their welding production in real time. All information is entered and processed centrally in an integrated information and communication tool. This allows users to monitor and control their production processes down to the smallest detail. It consists of several modules which users can activate depending on their individual digitalisation strategy.

The basic module (BS) enables the networking of CLOOS robot systems and welding machines. With open interfaces (APIs) and standards such as OPC UA, the system can be easily and securely integrated into existing network and application environments (MES, ERP). In the basic module, the raw data of the networked devices are available as data points. Further modules enrich these with evaluations, statistics and analyses.

The production module (PR) enables a comprehensive online monitoring of welding machines and robot systems. Here, users have access to classic operating data with target/actual comparisons including calculation and visualisation of the system effectiveness. An integrated plan data generation supports them in determining their target values without manual entries. Shift plans and component data can be transferred from upstream systems via interface.

The quality management module (QM) focuses on the individual component with its production and welding process data. It allows a detailed assessment of the weld quality already during welding. For complex and chained systems, quality statements are made for each production stage in addition. The determined data are summarised in a component protocol and can be called up via the report function or via OPC-UA or REST interface. Thus, users get an optimum support for their quality management system and the implementation of welding quality requirements.

In the future, the C-Gate IoT Platform will be expanded to include a maintenance module and a program management module. The plant maintenance module (PM) makes it possible to plan, monitor and carry out maintenance on systems and welding equipment. With the program management module (PG), programs can be managed centrally on all systems.

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