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Central data acquisition and processing with C-Gate

BERLIN/HAIGER – Visualisation, analysis and continued processing of the operating and welding process data – the C-Gate of Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH records and processes all data in a central system. As a launch customer, Viessmann Werke Berlin GmbH tests the integrated information and communication tool in their own production. "With the new C-Gate we can connect our robot systems and improve our production processes," says Bernhard Rothkegel, programmer at Viessmann in Berlin.

For many years now, Viessmann has been in a partnership cooperation with the welding specialist CLOOS from Haiger, Hesse. The internationally leading manufacturer of heating, industry and cooling systems intends to automate and digitalise its production processes further. Meanwhile, 11 CLOOS robot systems for welding different components are in use at the production site in Berlin. Both CLOOS and Viessmann push the topic Industry 4.0 in production at present.

Digitalisation of the production as future project
It is Viessmann's target to digitalise the production process for medium-sized heating boilers completely. In spring 2018 the two project partners first came to an agreement concerning the requirements and priorities for the introduction of the C-Gate. The focus shall be on the monitoring of the systems for a fast error reaction and the documentation of waiting times for optimisation of the production run. "We mainly look at the overall equipment with availability, capacity and quality factors and the component-related key data," explains Bernhard Rothkegel. Already in June 2018, Viessmann could install the C-Gate in three CLOOS robot systems at the Berlin premises.

The new C-Gate by CLOOS consists of the system-related hardware and the software modules production, quality management and service. As first step, CLOOS offers the software module production that Viessmann uses at present. With this module, users can illustrate the performance and the efficiency of their robot systems, localise shortages and increase the efficiency. The production module allows a comprehensive online monitoring of the robot systems with a detailed reporting about availability, capacity and quality. "Thus, the user early recognises possible weak points in the production run and can considerably reduce system breakdowns or waiting times due to set-up and other downtimes," emphasises Ralf Pfeifer, Manager IT and Organisation at CLOOS. He is the leader of the interdisciplinary CLOOS team which is intensively working on the development of Industry 4.0 solutions in welding production.

Flyer CLOOS C-Gate

More about the CLOOS C-Gate in the flyer

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