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New module for CLOOS digitisation platform: C-Gate.PG

Haiger –Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH presents a new module for the C-Gate IoT Platform: The C-Gate.PG program management module provides robot programs at a central location for robots and applications. This allows users to easily reload, save and organise programs for their CLOOS robot systems via network.

With C-Gate.PG, robot programs can be used centrally in the network for all CLOOS systems. They do not have to be stored on a robot, but can be reloaded as needed. An updated robot program can also be saved on C-Gate.

Integration with Carola EDI and RoboPlan
The programs are available in file format via a WebDAV interface. This can be integrated as a network drive under Windows or used to back up programs. The file structure is compatible with Carola EDI and RoboPlan thus allowing easy integration of the applications with C-Gate. A connection between C-Gate and the CLOOS program editor Carola EDI allows parallel development of robot programs from several PCs in the network.

Traceability of all program changes
In the future, C-Gate.PG will offer the possibility to search and restore older versions of programs. This functionality makes it possible to trace program changes and their influence on the production. Furthermore, an automatic synchronisation between the robot and C-Gate is planned as well as an extended organisation of programs.

Monitoring and control of production processes
With the C-Gate IoT platform, users can access information from their welding production in real time. All information is entered and processed centrally in an integrated information and communication tool. This allows users to monitor and control their production processes down to the smallest detail. It consists of several modules which users can activate depending on their individual digitisation strategy

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