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QIROX QRC-30/45/60-PL Robot

Whether laser or laser-hybrid welding, handling or grinding tasks – the QIROX QRC-30/45/60-PL robot is a true all-rounder with a high payload capacity for a wide range of applications.

The six-axis articulated arm robot is used in upright or overhead position and is mounted on a base or directly at a robot positioner. The QIROX QRC-30/45/60-PL robot has a classic wrist where working tools with a weight of up to 30, 45 or 60 kg can be mounted. The optional changing tool at the wrist allows the use of different working processes with one robot.

The QIROX QRC-30/45/60-PL is characterised by high dynamics, a slim product design and a low net weight. By using carbon components, vibrations on the mechanics are optimally damped. Users benefit from the repeatability, the long service life and long maintenance intervals. The robot also impresses with a big working envelope of 4,500, 4,200 or 3,900 mm and little floor space.

The mechanical interface on the third axis body allows the attachment of tools and wire drives up to 40 kg. Due to the integrated media supply system, a media box can be integrated on the robot shoulder without the need for an additional cable loom. The externally guided cable loom allows quick repair by plug & play in the case of service. Furthermore, extensions and retrofits are possible at any time due to the modular design.

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