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HAIGER/SHANGHAI – From 25 to 28 June 2019 the Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting, the leading exhibition for welding technology in Asia, took place in Shanghai. This year, the theme of the exhibition booth of Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH in hall E1, booth 705 was "100 Years CLOOS: Pioneers of Welding Technology". The long-established company celebrates its 100 year anniversary. In May, a celebration week with different events took place at the CLOOS headquarters in Haiger, Hesse. During the exhibition in Shanghai, CLOOS China celebrated this special anniversary with Chinese customers. For 30 years now, the welding specialists have been successfully active on the Chinese market.

The visitors could expect a multitude of new products and innovations for a quicker, more economic and more flexible welding production. The welding specialists offer technologies from the entry to the premium level and from manual welding machines to automated robot systems. Trade visitors experienced the wide QINEO welding machine range in live-demonstrations.

Connectivity and digitalisation of robot systems in focus
The highlight of the exhibition booth was the presentation of the new CLOOS C-Gate gateway. This enables demand-based management of welding and robot data. All information is entered and processed centrally in an integrated information and communication tool. The customised presentation of information enables detailed visualisation, analysis and continued processing of the operating and welding process data collected. The new system consists of the system-related hardware and different software modules. With the production module users can illustrate the performance and the efficiency of their robot systems, localise shortages and increase the efficiency.

Individual solutions for automated welding
The CLOOS portfolio comprises simple, compact systems as well as complex, chained systems with automated workpiece identification and loading and unloading processes. The new QIROX Entry Package consists of the six-axis QIROX QRC-290 robot with a classic wrist where gas-cooled welding torches with a weight of up to 4 kg can be mounted. Together with the QINEO QinTron welding power source and the compact QIROX Controller QC2 Micro, the new welding robot offers an easy entry into automated welding.

Furthermore, the visitors experienced the new 30 kg handling robot at the exhibition booth. CLOOS also presented additive welding live in Shanghai. For this, the new high-tech QINEO NexT welding power source in combination with the new MoTion Weld process and a QIROX QRC-350 welding robot is used.

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