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Laser Hybrid Weld

Laser Hybrid Weld – As efficient as never before

Laser Hybrid Weld is perfectly suitable for long, straight weld seams. Laser Hybrid Weld combines a laser beam with a MIG/MAG welding process in one common process zone. You benefit from the advantages of both welding processes. A restricted light beam with focus on the weld is created which is characterised by a every high energy density. This energy evaporates the material and penetrates it deeply. The MAG arc following the laser fills the crater and ensures a perfect side wall fusion. The main advantages of Laser Hybrid Weld are a deep penetration, low heat input and perfect side wall joints. With Laser Hybrid Weld you increase your productivity due to highest welding speeds. You need less filler material because of the reduced number of welding layers. You reduce the component distortion and avoid extensive reworks thanks to the low heat input. You accelerate your whole production process by means of the reduced weld preparation. Do you wish to combine maximum productivity and minimum costs? Then rely on Laser Hybrid Weld by CLOOS!

  • Increased productivity due to maximum welding speed 
  • Less filler material because of a reduced number of welding layers
  • Less component distortion due to low heat input
  • Steel
  • High-strength steel
  • Aluminium
  • Chrome-nickel materials
  • Coated plates
  • Long, straight welds
  • Thin plates and thicker materials
  • Heat-sensitive workpieces
  • Full penetration up to 15 mm plate thickness
Process Video
Process Video

Laser Hybrid Weld in action

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