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Wari Weld

MoTion Vari Weld

MoTion Vari Weld is a controlled short arc with reversing wire drive unit which leads additional heat into the process by using a hybrid welding process between the short circuits. It is a combination of the controlled short arc Control Weld, a hybrid arc process and a mechanical system which draws the wire back and forward at a high frequency. Thus short circuits can be interrupted cleaner and with less energy than in the case of short arcs without reversible wire electrode. Due to the low heat input into the workpiece and the minimised spatter formation at high welding speeds the stable process is particularly suitable for thin plate applications.


  • Considerably reduced heat input
  • Considerably reduced spatter formation
  • Very stable process
  • Controllable heat input
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Chrome-nickel materials
  • Thin to very thin plate thicknesses
  • Components with varying gaps and tolerances
  • Deep drawn components
  • Components with flange welds
  • Components with overlap welds
  • Coated materials
  • Mixed joining of aluminium and steel
  • Special materials (Usibor)
  • Brazing
  • Special requirements to weld surface and appearance
  • Energy-controlled components
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