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QINEO Micro Pulse 200 C

QINEO Micro Pulse 200 C

Portable MIG/MAG pulse welding power source up to 200 amps for manual welding

QINEO Micro - compact and powerful

The portable, infinitely adjustable MIG/MAG welding machines QINEO Micro are easy to handle, flexible in use and powerful in performance. The synergy-based welding machines stand for precise and high-quality welding work. QINEO Micro impresses with an optimum power-to-weight ratio. The handy welding power sources are quick and easy for the welder to transport to any location on the construction site, when repairing vehicles or in the industrial sector.

  • Versatile areas of application: A solution for all welding tasks
  • Synergy mode: Quick adjustment of welding parameters
  • Easy to handle: Synergy characteristic curves are supplied
  • Optimum power-to-weight ratio: Light, handy and very powerful
  • Robust design: High stability of the devices
Portable, internal wire drive
Welding current
5 A - 200 A
Welding current 100% ED
140 A
Open circuit voltage
65 V
Mains voltage
230 V
Connection cable
3 x 2.5 mm┬▓
Mains fuse/230V
25 A - 230 V
Protection class
IP 23 S
Insulation class
Cooling type
Dimensions L/W/H compact unit
500 x 280 x 420 mm
Weight compact appliance
17 kg