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QINEO CHAMP PRO – quantum leap in high-tech welding
Efficient, precise, versatile – this high-tech equipment meets the highest demands. In every performance category and under complex performance conditions. 450 A or 600 A: Every QINEO CHAMP PRO machine provides many different welding processes for a variety of possible applications, materials and plate thicknesses. Increased flexibility thanks to the free adjustment of characteristic curves, excellent welding properties, low-cost operation – the QINEO CHAMP PRO combines all these characteristics into one state-of-the-art solution for a new dimension in welding technology. The Cold Weld process with an AC arc is possible with the QINEO CHAMP PRO - particularly advantageous for aluminium welding.

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Attention: This product is delivered in the USA in the color gray (not as shown in blue).

Welding current
40 A - 600 A
Welding current 60% duty cycle
600 A / 44 V
Welding current 100% duty cycl
465 A / 37,5 V
Open circuit voltage
88 V
Mains voltage
400V / 50Hz / 3 phases
Special voltage
Connection cable
4 x 10 mm²
Mains protection/400V
50 A
Type of protection
IP 23
Insulation class
Type of cooling
Dimensions L/W/H (without wire
1226 x 630 x 741 mm
Weight (without wire drive)
244 kg
  • System/container construction
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Automotive industry
  • Industrie
  • Mechanical engineering/steel c
  • Pipeline construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Special purpose vehicles/const
Overview of your benefit
  • Utmost flexibility: Free adjustment of the characteristic curves and control parameters in single parameter mode
  • Best process quality: High-tech for excellent welding results
  • Simple and intuitive: Clear operating panel with extensive functions
  • Low operating costs: Energy saving standby mode
  • Compatible: Secure communication with welding robots via standardised field bus systems
  • Various robot interfaces available
  • TIG DC welding (Liftstart)
  • U/I Pulsed arc welding - Speed
  • Stick electrode welding
  • SMA CV
  • SMA CC
  • Pulse CW
  • MIG/MAG Normal Welding
  • MIG Brazing
  • I/I Pulsed arc welding - Vari
  • Cold Weld DC
  • Cold Weld AC
  • Pedestals
  • Sense technology (only Premium
  • SD (Weld data monitoring)
  • Wheels offroad
  • RPU (Remote Programming Unit)
  • QWD-A , QWD-AR
  • QWD splitter
  • QWD Standard, M2, Twin-Drive
  • QDM (QINEO Data Manager)
  • Process monitoring
  • Profibus/ProfiNet/DeviceNet
  • Peripheral socket
  • OMI (Open Machine Interface)
  • Seam tracking
  • Gas nozzle sensor
  • Gas cooled, water cooled
  • Bottle holder
  • Filter mat
  • Remote control
  • Ethernet
  • Flow meter water
  • Diagnosis (only PREMIUM)
  • CAN Bus
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