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"Ready to weld system" with automated rotary table QR-WP-TH. You can select the load per station from 250 - 1000 kg. According to the load, the horizontal clamping surface varies between 1000 x 500 mm to 2000 x 800 mm.

By means of a motor-drive rotary axis the positioner and thus the component to be welded is exactly positioned. Depending on the system, the cycle time is 2-6 sec. The inserting height of approx. 750 mm and the glare shield between the stations provide an ergonomic working space for your employees. The scope of supply also comprises the complete safety system such as swing doors, light barriers and start preselection panel with emergency stop button. As an option we also supply the protective enclosure adapted to the conditions at your site.

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Load per station
Technical features
  • 1 contact person
  • Excellent efficiency due to optimum product quality and perfectly matched components
  • Comprehensive standard supply and individual options
  • Easy integration into any production line
  • low space requirement
  • high productivity
  • Short commissioning times due to pre-assembly and run-off tests
  • Minimal downtime from maintenance and repair work
Available options
  • Holding angle for mounting the workpiece fixtures
  • Rotary distributor for media supply
  • Counter bearing to be moved by motor (E)
  • Counter bearing to be moved manually (M)
  • Pneumatic indexing of the 0 position at the counter bearing
  • Clamping stroke mounted on counter bearing (S)
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