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The top mounted track system, mounted on posts, allows overhead mounting of robots. A carriage with servomotor moves the robot in horizontal direction. The overhead-mounted linear track allows to weld long workpieces, can be used for systems with several stations and can be equipped with a second carriage with robot. This makes it possible to weld pairwise on one workpiece.

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Travelling length
5000 - 20000 mm
Travelling speed
1.70 m/s
Technical features
  • A fully synchronised robot axis
  • Indexing of the 0 position for motor change
  • Mounting components freely selectable and adaptable/to be integrated
  • Opening in steel construction for a good accessibility during service works
  • High repeatability (± 0.1 mm) because of spring-pretensioned toothed wheel connections
Available options
  • Increase of travelling length due to extension of the linear track
  • Additional carriage for second robot
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