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The workpiece positioner has a vertically arranged faceplate and a counter bearing with supporting rolls. The workpiece fixture is mounted on the faceplate and supported at the counter bearing by means of the supporting rolls. The two components are screwed on the floor or, as an option, can be mounted on a base frame (QR-WP-TR-F), moved manually (QR-WP-TR-M) or electrically (QR-WP-TR-E).

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Free-turning radius
700-1700 mm
Grid free-turning radius
Clamping length
1000 - 12000 mm
Rotating speed
Turning range
+/- 360°
Technical features
  • Indexing of the 0 position for motor change
  • Digital AC drive system
  • Clamping length and free-turning radius can be adapted to the component size and the space on site.
  • Adjusting screws for precise alignment during mounting
  • Opening in steel construction for a good accessibility during service works
  • Grease cartridge for live ring
  • Repeatability less than 0.1 mm
  • Parallel working of the system operator and the robot.
Available options
  • Holding angle for mounting the workpiece fixtures
  • Counter bearing in roller bracket design
  • Counter bearing for processing long, rotation-symmetric components
  • Pneumatic indexing of the 0 position at the counter bearing
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