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Bieber Industrie SAS


Bieber relies on flexible high-tech welding robots

As a contract manufacturer for leading international companies in various industries, Bieber Industrie has relied on welding technology from CLOOS for more than 20 years. The latest system from 2019 now welds the complete grate trough for waste incineration systems. The QIROX QRC-350 robot is mounted here overhead on a vertical track with vertical and horizontal stroke. The workpiece positioner brings the components into an optimum position for welding. It has a horizontal swivel axis on which an L-shaped boom is mounted. A vertical rotary axis with a faceplate is integrated into the arm and is used to hold the workpiece. The robot is equipped with a torch changing system. This enables the flexible use of different welding processes - depending on the application. The robot system is also equipped with an arc sensor to compensate for any component tolerances.

Bieber Industry SAS