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Langmatz GmbH


Torch changing system combines arc and stud welding at Langmatz

Langmatz GmbH develops, produces and sells technical system solutions made of plastics and metal for the energy technology, telecommunications and traffic technology industries. The system for welding the manhole covers consists of two stations and a QIROX QRC-350-E welding robot. The two-station positioner changes the station by a horizontal rotation. Each station is equipped with a horizontal turning axis and a counter bearing. The large range of the 7-axis robot simplifies and accelerates the welding of the complex workpieces in addition. The robot is equipped with a tactile gas nozzle sensor and an arc sensor. which is used both for welding and to measure the joint position on the workpiece This saves time as, at the same time, workpiece distortions, e.g. due to thermal expansion, are directly compensated for. The system highlight is the combination of stud and arcwelding in a robot system. A torch changing system allows the flexible change between the two processes.
Langmatz GmbH