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QIROX robots weld fitness equipment

Quality and durability - this is what characterizes the strength training, fitness, medical and performance equipment of gym80 International GmbH. The top manufacturer has been relying on CLOOS welding robot systems for more than 20 years. gym80 started automated welding production in 2003 with two robot systems from CLOOS. Today, various components are welded with a total of eight QIROX compact systems. Thanks to the use of automated welding technology, gym80 has been able to significantly increase its production volumes in recent years. Several components can be welded with each compact system. As a result, gym80 can now manufacture a much wider range of products and at the same time react more quickly and flexibly to individual customer requirements. In addition, the automated welding technology ensures excellent product quality, as the robots achieve precisely reproducible results.

Lemken GmbH & Co KG