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Meiller Slany s.r.o.


Meiller relies on Tandem Weld by CLOOS

The industrial vehicle specialist Meiller has trusted in the CLOOS technology for decades. At the Czech site of Slan├Ż Meiller operates a total of six robot systems with eight welding robots and more than 300 welding power sources by CLOOS. The new CLOOS robot systems welds side walls for tipper bodies. The heart of the system are two 7-axis QIROX QRC-350-E welding robots. The range of the robot simplifies and accelerates the welding of the complex workpieces. Each robot is fitted with two welding torches. Whilst the bent single wire torch is used for welding small, segmented and difficult-to-reach welds, the straight tandem torch can perform long straight welds at high speed. With Tandem Weld, Meiller reaches the highest speeds for welding the thin, light components and increases the production quality at the same time.
Meiller Slany s.r.o.