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Rudolf Hörmann GmbH & Co.KG


QIROX compact cell ensures efficient production of small parts

For more than 20 years, Rudolf Hörmann GmbH & Co KG, based in Buchloe, Bavaria, has relied on welding technology from CLOOS. Last year, the specialists for commercial construction, agricultural construction and energy technology put two new CLOOS robot systems into operation. This enabled the company to significantly speed up the production process for various components, while at the same time increasing quality and flexibility. The QIROX QR-CC-4 compact cell for welding smaller components has a 2-station workpiece positioner with vertical changeover and vertical rotary movement. The station is rotated from the insertion area in front of the robot within three seconds via the rotary indexing axis. During this time, the loading area is protected by a light barrier and an additional safety fence attached to the side. There is a glare shield between the two stations. The system operator is therefore optimally protected and can load one station while welding is taking place at the other. All robot and positioning axes work together fully synchronized. This enables excellent welding results, reduces non-productive times and speeds up the entire process enormously.

Rudolf Hörmann GmbH & Co KG