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Rudolf Hörmann GmbH & Co.KG


"All-in-one" system with two welding stations for flexible production

Rudolf Hörmann GmbH & Co KG, based in Buchloe, Bavaria, has been relying on CLOOS welding technology for more than 20 years. Last year, the specialists for commercial construction, agricultural construction and energy technology put two new CLOOS robot systems into operation. This enabled the company to significantly speed up the production process for various components, while at the same time increasing quality and flexibility. Hörmann now welds medium-sized workpieces on the new QIROX "All in one" system. Here, all relevant components are arranged on a common base frame. They are attached via a base plate so that no fine adjustment is necessary. The heart of the system is the QIROX QRC-350-E welding robot. The long reach of the seven-axis robot simplifies and speeds up the welding of the sometimes complex workpieces. Thanks to the 2-station design, the robot can weld the components in one station while loading and unloading takes place in the other, parallel to the cycle time. The clamping lengths can be infinitely adjusted between 2.50 and 3 m thanks to the sliding counter bearing.

Rudolf Hörmann GmbH & Co KG