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voestalpine Anarbeitung GmbH


Interlinked robot system enables fully automatic welding at voestalpine

The steel specialist voestalpine welds drive axle bridges for commercial vehicles at its Linz site using an interlinked robot system from CLOOS. The complex system consists of a total of four welding stations and seven robots. The axle bridges are transported from station to station fully automatically via a shuttle system. At the third station, a QIROX QRC 350 welding robot welds the cover to the axle beam. First, the axle bridge and cover are inserted into the fixture fully automatically. The positioner then moves the complex workpiece into an optimum position for welding using a rotating and tilting movement. After these work steps, the shuttle system transports the finished welded axle bridge fully automatically to the next production station.

voestalpine Anarbeitung GmbH