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CLOOS - "All in one" system simplifies the production process at Atmos

In 2015, Atmos put two new "All in one" systems from CLOOS into operation. The QIROX QRC-350 welding robot is at the heart of each of the identical systems. The c-shaped stand with rotating arm positions the robot overhead. This extends the robot's working area, making it easier to weld the complex boilers. The workpiece positioner with rotating and swivel movement as well as vertical stroke always brings the workpieces into the correct welding position. The special feature of the QIROX "All in one" system is that the workpiece positioner, robot and robot positioner merge into a single unit. The individual components are attached and aligned via a base plate. In addition, the systems are completely pre-installed electrically and mechanically, which further simplifies assembly and maintenance. The compact systems can be easily integrated into the production process in a space-saving manner. Thanks to the modular design, individual extensions and retrofits are possible at any time.