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CLOOS _ Laser technology at Glüpker Blechtechnologie

Glüpker Blechtechnologie also relies on laser welding as a technology of the future. The sheet metal specialists use a 2-station robot system from CLOOS to weld different types of containers. The laser system consists of two stations. This makes it easy to load and unload the components in one station while the robot welds in the other station - an enormous time saving in the entire process sequence. The components are transported in and out of the welding station via a shuttle. The welding process can be controlled from the outside via a monitor. By using the solid-state laser, Glüpker achieves significantly higher welding speeds. At the same time, the component quality has been further improved thanks to the targeted application of energy to the base material. This has a positive effect on the entire production process, as reworking is no longer necessary.

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