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Henan Junton


Robot system with intelligent shuttle solution

Commercial vehicle specialist Henan Junton Vehicle uses a CLOOS robot system to weld smaller add-on parts and accessories for truck tippers. Five QIROX QRC-350 robots weld more than 60 different component variants here. At the heart of the system is an intelligent shuttle system that automatically distributes the workpieces with the fixtures to the various welding robots. The shuttle in the loading area automatically recognizes which welding station the component is sent to. The welding robot also recognizes via the fixture which program is to be used to weld the component. As the shuttle is equipped with a double gripper, the components are loaded and unloaded almost simultaneously. With the help of the CLOOS system, the company has been able to significantly improve both the quality of the production processes and our working environment, as well as increasing repeat accuracy.

Henan Junton