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Henan Junton


Complex robot system with intelligent component allocation at Junton

Commercial vehicle specialist Henan Junton Vehicle manufactures components for truck tipper bodies in a complex interlinked welding system. The system consists of four welding stations with a total of 12 QIROX QRC-410-E robots. A central system controls the transport of the fixtures. As soon as a fixture is ready, an employee first loads it with the workpiece. The control system then sends an automated guided vehicle to fetch the fixture with the workpiece. The vehicle receives information from a central control system as to which workpiece is involved and to which welding station it is to be transported. As soon as the positioner has picked up the fixture with the workpiece, the respective robots receive a command from the control system and the welding process is started automatically. After the welding process, the robots send a signal directly to the control system so that the driverless transport vehicle can pick up the fixture again. An employee then unloads the finished welded workpiece. The empty fixture is transported back from the end to the beginning via a conveyor belt above the welding line. The seamless production process with intelligent logistics and welding solution enables virtually unmanned production.

Henan Junton