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Langmatz GmbH


Customized robot system enables flexible production at Langmatz

Langmatz GmbH develops, produces and markets technical system solutions made of plastic and metal for the energy technology, telecommunications and transportation technology sectors. A QIROX QR-CS-30 compact system is used to weld the manhole systems for cable distribution. The system for workpieces weighing up to 500 kg consists of a two-station rotary indexing table as standard, including a rotary axis and counter bearing for each station. The robot can weld the components in one station, while loading and unloading takes place in parallel to the cycle time in the other. The robot and positioner are mounted on a common base frame. This ensures fast and perfectly aligned assembly of the system. The C-shaped stand positions the QIROX QRC-350 robot overhead. The rotating arm extends the robot's working area, enabling the welding of large-volume workpieces and facilitating the changeover between workstations. At the customer's special request, the system was equipped with a third station.

Langmatz GmbH