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muli-cycles GmbH


QIROX robot welds compact cargo bikes

muli-cycles GmbH in Cologne relies on an automated solution from CLOOS for the welding of cargo bikes. Thanks to the flexible design of the system and the use of various welding processes such as MoTion and Vari Weld, the robot can weld different steel and aluminum components with consistently high quality. The robot system consists of two opposing welding stations, each with a horizontal swivel axis on which an L-shaped cantilever is mounted. The counter bearing also stabilizes long workpieces during the welding process. The station is changed by means of a horizontal turning movement. Thanks to the 2-station principle, the system can be fed alternately. The heart of the system is the QIROX QRC-350-E robot. The six-axis articulated arm robot is equipped with an eccentric axis 7, which is integrated between the robot base and the pivot point of axis 1. The seventh axis extends the working range for optimum positioning of the welding torch.

muli-cycles GmbH