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Faun counts on the Tandem welding process 

Faun as the most successful manufacturer of waste disposal vehicles in Europe offers customised solutions for the most different waste types. The company uses the Cloos Tandem Process for welding the rear loader housing of the Variopress container with a built-in compaction press. A major advantage of this welding process is a high deposition rate which results in a high welding speed. The low heat input considerably reduces the component distortion. The floor-mounted linear track is equipped with a vertical and horizontal carriage and a C frame which guarantees an optimum accessibility to the workpiece, particularly whe welding bigger workpieces. The workpiece positioner with turning/swivelling movement is designed to position the complex workpiece perfectly for welding. This combination enables the robot to deeply enter into the workpiece and to weld the seams inside.

Waste containers
Tandem Weld
Thin plate up to 4 mm

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