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VariWeld reduces reworks to a minimum at Matyssek

The system consists of two stations and a 7-axis robot, model QRC-E 350. The robot is fixed to a floor-mounted linear track and can travel back and forth flexibly between the two stations. The reach of the robot means that it can be easily guided around corners or into niches. The turn/tilt positioner always positions the complex workpiece perfectly for welding. The big component - here a cover plate – is welded with the Vari Weld process. The Vari Weld process is characterised by a very low-spatter pulsed arc so that extensive rework is reduced to a minimum. Due to the low temperature the base material remains metallurgically unaffected and the corrosion protection is maintained. 

Protective Housing
Vari Weld
Thin plate up to 4 mm

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