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Cladding increases the service life of auger conveyor

In high-quality briquetting systems RUF compacts materials like wood shavings or metal cuttings into easy-to-handle briquettes. An auger conveyor transports the bulk material to a chamber where the compacting process is made by a hydraulic cylinder. Surfacing a hardened layer by means of a high-alloyed welding wire increases the service life of the auger conveyor considerably. This process, the so-called Cladding, is an inexpensive alternative to other hardening processes of big components. At RUF a QIROX welding robot produces auger conveyors in different lengths and diameters on two working stations. Before welding a laser sensor which is mounted at the robot arm measures the auger conveyor and adapts the programmed path to the given conditions. This guarantees an optimum weld seam quality.

Auger conveyor
Control Weld
Plate 4 - 8 mm

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