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Chained robot systems allows fully-automated welding at voestalpine

At their location in Linz, the steel specialist voestalpine weld drive axle casings for industrial vehicles with a chained CLOOS robot system. The complex system consists of four welding stations and seven robots in total. The axle casings are fully-automated moved from station to station by means of a shuttle system. At the third station a QIROX QRC 350 robot welds the hood to the axle casing. First the axle casing and the hood are fully-automated inserted in the fixture. Then the positioner with turning/tilting movement positions the complex workpiece perfectly for welding. After these steps the shuttle system moves the completely welded axle case fully-automated to the next production station. 

Axle casing - Cap
Speed Weld
Plate 4 - 8 mm

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