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Root Weld - Stable and insensitive

Root Weld is an energy-reduced, controlled MSG short arc that is suitable for the special requirements of root welding or welding thin sheets. Here, constrained positions and varying gap widths often occur. Compared with the standard short arc, Root Weld runs much more quietly and produces less spatter. Thanks to the improved process control, Root Weld is more stable and can therefore be excellently controlled even in the lower power range. With Root Weld, you reduce workpiece distortion due to the reduced heat input. You avoid costly reworking thanks to minimized spatter formation. You achieve optimum welding results at all times because the arc is insensitive to external influences. Do you also want a stable welding process for excellent welding quality even under demanding conditions? Then rely on Root Weld from CLOOS!

  • Insensitive short arc
  • Insensitive to external influences
  • Optimum gap bridgeability even without complex oscillation
  • Well controllable arc
  • Steel
  • Chrome-nickel
  • Root welding
  • Pipeline construction
  • Vessel construction
  • All welding positions
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