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Continuous availability is the most important criterion for the economic efficiency of commercially and industrially used industrial robots and welding systems. With preventive maintenance and inspections, downtimes can be avoided demonstrably. The technical availability of CLOOS welding technology amounts to almost 100 percent in the case of a continuous, professional support. We offer you customised services which are adapted to your individual requirements.

Remote Service Manager (RSM): By far the best connection

With our Remote Service Manager you can use remote diagnostics and maintenance as an effective tool to avoid downtime and unnecessary service costs. CLOOS robot specialists can assist you in resolving service and maintenance tasks, without loss of time and with effective functions - no matter where your system is located. The central point for use of the CLOOS RSM Remote Service Manager is the PC which is linked to the QIROX robot controllers. The software contains all important maintenance and diagnostics functions for the robot controller.

3 good reasons for a robot system maintenance contract:

  • Benefit from preventive maintenance with preventive control and the associated adjustment work

  • Lubrication and refilling of all fluids used in the system and check of all electrical and mechanical parts electrical and mechanical parts

  • Guarantee of the operational safety of your robot system

3 good reasons for a Roboplan maintenance contract:

  • Ensuring the continuous updating of your Roboplan software

  • Information and documentation of the new features and support by telephone and e-mail

  • Annual "Roboplan workshop" with presentation of the new developments and exchange of experiences

Contact persons

Our retrofit team is always at your disposal with advice and action:
Tel.: (847) 923-9988
Fax: (847) 923-9989
E-Mail: [email protected]

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