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MBH Mechanical Engineering


Flexible robot system for efficiency and quality

As a system supplier for chassis and frame construction, laser cutting, sheet metal processing and stainless steel processing, MBH Maschinenbau & Blechtechnik GmbH relies on the latest production technologies and quality from CLOOS. The highlight is a new robot system that enables the welding of complex components with different batch sizes and variants. The system controls two independent, programmable welding robots, which can weld simultaneously on one assembly in single-station operation, but can also process different, smaller assemblies independently in two-station operation. The rotary and swivel positioner always moves the complex workpiece into an optimum position for welding. In this way, hard-to-reach areas are reached and optimum weld seam quality is achieved. The torch changing system enables the use of single wire and tandem processes with a robot. The entire welding process is aligned so that the welding times and secondary operations are the same. This enables MBH to achieve optimum utilization of the system and efficient deployment of personnel, making production fast and cost-effective.

MBH Mechanical Engineering